Filmmakers' Accelerator

WHAT IS IT: Filmmakers’ Accelerator is a 7-week intensive program to take your film from concept to a concrete action plan, with a map of the current documentary landscape. It’s for creators with either a film idea or with a film in research/development stages, who want to take their project to the next level. Led by Emmy award winning documentary director and DP Lina Lyte Plioplyte, fresh off of her film’s premiere at SxSW, the accelerator is an intimate, mind expanding setting to give your project the nourishment it needs to launch into the world.

The ACCELERATOR program explores key areas such as:

  • Define the Story: heping you to refine the key components of your story, to avoid typical mistakes and to address the needs from the streamers. 
  • Network Map: we explore the non-fiction landscape today including top 10 streamers, and prepare you to meet the decision makers. 
  • Concept Development: assistance in the creation of the most compelling pitch, treatment and sizzle tailored for specific networks, and equip you with insiders’ wisdom from the pitching rooms. 
  • Mental and physical tools - preparation, gear, language needed  for you to get ready for production;
  • Community: we create a safe space and peer support to expand your vision and nurture your film, while teaching you to think like an entrepreneur to find the most effective route to make your project.



Lina Lyte Plioplyte is a documentary filmmaker with 13 years of experience. She has deep knowledge of filmmaking, development and routes of financing at a variety of scales. She has a track record of success with projects like “Advanced Style” that was acquired by Netflix, and her latest “Periodical” that was made for MSNBC/Peacock. Lina is passionate about nourishing other people’s film ideas; she has a mission to help empower filmmakers with the tools and strategies to find sustainable success with purpose and profitability in the media and entertainment industry.

MODULES will cover:

STORY via finding audience, value, prototyping: new ways of seeing your film with the market in mind and thinking like entrepreneurs;

We dissect the most CURRENT DOCUMENTARY LANDSCAPE, including top 20 streamers, broadcasters, VoD and other ways to get your film seen, and develop strategies that would be the best fit for each project.

Finessing your words and materials, implementing AI and other tools to fire up creative processes to find VISUALS AND MATERIALS for most effective expression of your film.

We will create the TREATMENT, pitching materials, SIZZLE, learn how to PITCH to the development executives - and how not to.

We will implement the strategies and tools to make the process SUSTAINABLE.



Jump into action and bring your idea into the world.

See your project as a startup and treat the process as such, with excitement and possibility.

To clarify your film story so that potential buyers get it.

Have a clear idea of the landscape of the documentary and where you fit in.

Be actively aiming where you want to pitch your film and collecting what you need to pitch it there.

To speak the language of pitching and the language of the industry.

To figure out essential creative and logistic film elements and have a clear HOW for your project.

To have a sizzle - or have a very clear plan how to make it - and strategically use it as a main pitching card. 

To have a clear understanding of how much things cost and what you need to do to receive funding for your film.

Identify and connect with the community that’s thematically related to your film, creating or becoming part of the movement and make your story bigger.

To connect with other filmmakers and feel safe, strong, courageous, and creative in building your film.

To have guts, support, strategy, and knowledge to see your film through.


Someone who enjoys staying in the ideation stage.

Cannot commit for the full program.

Who is unwilling to change their thinking.

Who is unwilling to do the homework.

Who is unwilling to receive and integrate constructive criticism.



7 weekly virtual group calls, one per MODULE

7 weekly virtual "office hours" - consultations for individual projects to deal with their specific dilemmas, goals and roadblocks (on sign-up, as needed basis).

4 monthly group calls after we finish modules to continue building the momentum and help you further on your path

A community of peers to share resources, progress, wins and lessons.



The asking price is $1,295 for the program. Payment plans are available. One scholarship per cohort will be offered for $795.

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