Lina is offering an intensive hands-on film birthing program to think like entrepreneurs, optimize your film idea for the best audience and outlets, analyze the right pitching and sizzle approach, start building the audience early, and to learn to navigate current documentary landscape aiming to find  the right home for your project.
We will address things like:

- How to make your story stand out  -Prototyping, IP strategy, Minimum Viable Product, Return on Investment as film approach tools  - Understanding and navigate current documentary landscape, key players, funding  - Finding the best visual look, packaging and philosophy for your story 

- Tools and psychology of building relationships, building audiences  - Understanding what holds your project back and how to break through it  - Building new habits to see filmmaking differently

8 weekly hands-on deep dives to dissect your projects and get them ready
Weekly office hours to answer specific questions
Community of like minded people, pushing each others' projects and ideas forward
6 month follow up monthly check ins, to move your projects ahead

This course is for those who are ready to dissect, rethink and build their stories to take them to another level. This course is for those who are not afraid to learn to think about filmmaking differently, to receive feedback, to collectivelly brainstorm and to step into new territories. Leaving the comfort zone and thinking outside of it is encouraged and supported.

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